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HOME  :  Quality Irish grown plants for home & garden. Garden supplies, seeds, bulbs, sundries, rare and new varieties old ones too!

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This list shows plants that we have available, How ever it can be 10 days or more before they are shipped, Email or call us if you need them fast.
Price Pot size
gerainium jonsons blue Johnson's blue geranium. €4 2lt
yellow tree rhodedendron scented yellow tree rhododendron €30 5lt
fuschia mail order many types rare candy floss fuchsias we have many out door hardy types click here for full list. €6 2
pasiflora climbers vines scented tropical conservatorie plants sunny plant coastal Pasiflora amethyst lady, We have many pasiflora in production email us for info prices from €10 2- lt deep
aquiliega aquilegia we have many types from just five euros €5 2lt
gunnera wety clay acid bog plant waterside plant gunnera giant plant for water side or wilder gardens, Great architectural plant needs space. €15 4 lt
bergina water side plant clay soil gound cover red foliage berginia €5 2lt
solanum glasnevin blue potato vine bush in limited supply bush version not climber €10 2lt
spanish broom scented drought tolerant rare scented perfumed yellow flowers hardy spanish broom yellow scented flowers, little leaves is any drought tolerant clay soil rare highly perfumed €12 2lt
lampranthus carpet daisy succulent dry sunny drought tolerant sandy clay soil We have many colours in this plant red pink magenta yellow orange and blue. click here for the page on these plants. They make a stunning bed in sunny south facing location. Ideal for holiday homes or coastal areas. Not completely hardy but fairly tough. €5 1 lt
rare leptospermum kiwi nanum

This rare leptosermum kiwi nanum little plant work great with small spirea or lithadora. A drawf ever green shrub flowers profusely and does not get out of hand great in mini bed or border or in larger rockeries nice feature plant to dot into od places


chocolate cosmos scented plant choclate perfume herbacoues perennial This clumping herbaceous perennial was a huge fashion plant a few years back however it has endured the fad and still has a valid place in any herbaceous borders or even containers. Indulge in the chocolate perfume as it wafts over you on summers evenings. Plant with Night scented stock and or akibia quintata €5 1lt
cistus rock roses many types We have many cistus rock roses in stock click here for our page on this plant. €5 2lt
strawberry plants for sale We have many strawberry plants for sale email us or click the berry  
phgellius cape fuschia red pink yellow purple phygellius tweened pink african queen moon raker trumpeter yellow, purple, sensation, alba/ €7 2lt
hosta many types scented perenial lagre plants mail order garden centre ireland Hostas, Many in stock click here €6 2 lt
roses irish grown pot grown bare root mail order scented david austin ireland mail order garden centre

This rose is penny lane a tribute to the vigor and colour of the 60s, Ideal for aging hippy parents. some are even like 60 somthin. Ho however we have many wonderful irish grown roses hybrid teas, floribunda, scented, climbers, ground cover, david austin old english roses. Click here. Prices from just 4 euros.


arcacia delbata, many types pravissima

Acacia trees, bushes, we have 3-4 types click here

Generally scented, Great coastal plant.

€10+ 2-4 lt
helianthus yellow parie daisy summer plant herbaceous perennial

Helianthus many type click here from just 6 euros. Great for created a drift effect or in a grass border. Long flowering stunning colours reliable easy plant.wil grow in anything great container plant good for seaside coastal and windy areas.

€6 2lt