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Plant and shrubs for moist areas of the garden

An area of moist soil in the garden is usually a low lying hollow or an area near a pond or drainage over flow. Such plants that will grow in these areas are called moisture lovers, waterside or bog plants, most plants in this section will not tolerate totally water logged soils. Boggy soil saturated with water is best planted with marginal aquatic plants. Which is a totally differant ball game. This list is just an example of what kind of plants can be grow in these situations. You can vary them and look a bit deeper. on the eidge of ditches there are few options to look at. Like Gunnera or monster plants ir even Ferns How ever these will work.

Always check Wet areas for a smell of stagnation. If the ground is stagnant then the plants will be poisoned smothered and die. You can help to fix this by doing the following

Fork over the soil a bit and add in some perlight and sand. About 1 bucket of 70% sand to 30 % perlight work it in well then when it drains off a bit pour over some water with about 10 mils of 20% by volume peroxide or there about ( get it at chemists) ad peroxide to water carefully and stir wiat 2 mins, then apply to the soil in the areas. This will release oxigen back to the soil and kill off the harmful bacteria. More Plants will be added.

If your problem is more that you want to have free draining soil then click here for a photo essay on how to drain your garden. This page is about working with it and seeing what can be done. often these spots are totally overlooked in the greater scheme of things and a nice opportunity exists to enhance your over all garden. Plants like Iris and Ligularia can bring a shock of colour to previously ignored patch Email us if you need help.

Below is list of suitable plants. active links are in stock, or available.

Salix alba vitellina
Cornus alba elegantissima
Gunnera manicata
Rodgersia aesculifolia
Iris ensata kaempferi Iris versicolor.html Black Iris Iris chrysographes

Zantedeschia aethiopica
Astilbe varieties
Alnus cordata
Metasequoia glyptostroboides big tree....
Arona arbutifolia
Carex pendula
Filipendula camtschatica
Ligularia dentata desdemona
Rheum palmatum
Lobelia x gerardii and others Lobelia Fan Cinnabar Rose Lobelia Fan Deep Pink.html
Osmunda claytoniana


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