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Sambucus racemosa Sutherland gold

Red-berried elder sutherland gold sambucus

Sambucus racemosa Sutherland gold

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Red-berried elder
Cultivar: 'Plumosa Aurea'
Skill Level: Beginner
Exposure: Partial shade Harsh sun can burn young leaves
Hardiness: Hardy
Soil type: Well-drained/light, Clay/heavy, Chalky/alkaline, Dry, Moist, Boggy, Sandy
Height: 300cm
Spread: 300cm
Time to prune: March to April

The red-berried elder has been cultivated for centuries, both as game cover and as a garden shrub, and is noted for its profuse summer crops of gleaming berries in large heavy sprays. It is a robust shrub which will grow almost anywhere, including difficult conditions such as waterlogged or very chalky ground.

It has produced numerous ornamental varieties, including'Plumosa Aurea', an elegant and aristocratic elder with deeply cut, brilliant gold foliage seen at its best in light shade in sunny spots, grow 'Sutherland Gold'.


Annual pruning by back to groundlevel in early spring ensures the brightest colour.

Wet Sites, Wind. Ideal for Wexford or coastal areas.

Uses: Barrier border, foundation, hedge, massing, naturalizing, screen, specimen


Foliage Color: Lime green to golden yellow fading to red in Autum.

Additional Notes: See its cousins guincho purple here and black lace here.















'Albo-variegata' - White speckled foliage.

'Gerda' (Black Beauty™)- Black (dark purple) leaves, fragrant pink flowers.

'Madonna'- Leaves are a mix of green and yellow; white flowers.

'Pulverulenta'- Green leaves mottled with white.