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Milliways Mail order shop: Advice, tips and tricks.


How to use this site


You do not need an account with us to buy plants. Just click and buy.

Every month we offer you a selection of plants that are looking good for that month.

We dont sell plug plants. Our plants are all large and ready to plant out. If they are small P9 pots or large plugs we state it clearly. Most of our pot sizes are 2 -3 liters or 6-8 inches across the top, and about 6-8 inches high. some plants Will ship dormant. This will not nessacarily be stated. This is a seasonal effect. Our plants are not forced.

To BUY Click on the plant name under the picture to see more information or click add to cart to purchase the plant.

We often offer a special offer list via email, sometimes the value of savings can be huge on this email list.

We also only offer our bedding plants on the email list. Our savings on bedding can be unbelievable for top quality irish grown bedding plants. Our range of bedding in very extensive

So if you want bargains, let us know send us your email address.



Well first we are a registered business in Ireland and by using Paypal with your credit card you are offered buyer protection. Also you can click here to see our feedback on Ebay. 100% all the way. We don't actually hold any of your financial information. PayPal is our secure payment system. We never see your data.


Often we have much more interesting varieties. As a smaller nursery we can afford to do more interesting or less efficient crop plants. Such as cornflowers, night scented stock,double pansies, etc. Smaller production means better plants wider choice and more bio diversity.

Many plants are disappearing as larger nurseries cant grow them efficiently

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We never sell rent, or exploit your email address to any third party.

On our stock list pages is back ground stock or stock that may not be "looking good" this means that it may not be in flower or may have died back for winter but the plant is always perfect. Click on the photograph to find out more about the plant in question.


We take Credit cards via Paypal, as its the most secure payment bank. Click the link above to read about how safe it is.

By using Pay pal We never see or store your credit card details. Or we will take personal cheques drawn on IRISH banks in euros or Irish Postal orders. Call or email first though.


Shipping is done by mail or courier.

If you are buying more then 3 plants the courier is the best method and cheapest. In fact you can buy about 12 -15 large plants for the same shipping cost.

Very large items are always sent separately.

For example if you buy 3 golden princess spirea and 4 coreopsis and on large 20 litre rhododendron then you will be charged two shipping charges. One for the smaller plants combines and one for the large plant. We will tell you when this applies so don't worry you will know before you buy.


We ship on mondays only. This is for your benefit. If your in a hurry let us know we can ship faster sometimes. We ship on Mondays to make sure the plants are ready and the weather is not to cold or to hot.

When your order is made and you complete checkout, We will then pull your Items from the nursery stock and move them to a holding area. This is where we inspect them roots and all of the plants to make sure only perfect plants go out.

They are then de potted and left to dry off a bit. Then wrapped and packed. They are shipped first thing next morning.

When you receive the plants do not put them in full sun. Open the box un wrap and put outside in light shade for a day or two. But plant them quickly or repot them. Make sure they don't dry out.


We can hold orders until your ready, providing we have been paid for up to 6 weeks.


There is a plant i want on your site and its not available what can I do?

Email us and We can find out when or if there is any in stock. If the numbers drop, the item is often pulled from the site and listed in EBAY or put aside, sometimes we have one left we will be happy to send you.

Refunds and exchanges, are dependent on circumstances. Please email us or call us on skype and we will do our best to satisfy you.


Why the ads on some of the pages?

Well those articles are for information and some people find them useful and informative. They might not be in the market for buying a plant how ever, so we have monitised some pages this way to offset our traffic, bandwidth, and hosting costs. These articles generate a lot of visits from countries that we cant ship to. They may also carry Ads that are useful and relevant to your situation perhaps providing services that we don't. Either way We have to pay to servepages to them. They are course Welcome. We love wirting articles.

Not to mention the hours it takes to write and code them. It also buys peanuts for our webmonkey! There are over 1,000 pages of plants and information on this site. It is growing by about 50 pages per week. If you would like to contribute content please get in touch. We are always looking for writers and for interesting things. Perhaps you have recently done your first garden or restored a garden or just have some nice plants. Let us know.email us here. Tell us your story.

We might come to an arrangement.

We respect your privacy at all times and will not pass on you information to any third party. We will do our best to keep any information safe. Unless obliged to so by the law. As we only sell plants and gardening stuff this should'nt be an issue. We do not store your credit card information, as we use Paypal. Paypal Have their own policy on their site.www.paypal.com Site linking out of our site or linking into this site could also have varying Privacy staments. We do not currently deploy cookies on our site, however other links in or out may do.

You do not need an account with us to buy plants.

Any more questions please email us