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Plant information & care

Phygelius Winchester Fanfare mail order cape fuschia

Phygelius Winchester Fanfare Cape fuschia

Best treated as an herbaceous perennial, this variety is frost-hardy and bears large panicles of dusky pink, pendant flowers in summer and autumn. A south African plant it is fairly drought tolerant. Cut back hard every so often to encourage new growth.

Click here to see it in use with other South African plants in a windy sunny dry site.

Osteospermums, Lampranthus, and Lavender.
Height and Spread: 90cm(3 ft) or more. Forms a nice triangle shape.

Position: Needs full sun, a sheltered site (ive planted in full hard windy sites and its been fine) and moist but not waterlogged soil.

Plant care: Water well before planting and keep moist. Prune hard in early spring.


Also available in yellow (moon raker) Purple (sensation)